31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Invisible Invaders

space the spooky frontierThe good Dr. Karol Noymann (John Carradine) is killed in an explosion and his colleague Dr. Penner (Philip Tonge) quits the U.S. Atomic Commission calling for change. Later at his house Dr. Penner is visited by the recently deceased Dr. Noymann. Noymann`s moving corpse has been taken over by an alien. An invisible alien!

The alien informs Dr. Penner that his race is going to conquer the Earth and that he should inform the governments to stop atomic testing and to surrender to avoid bloodshed. The race of aliens are invisible and will take over the bodies of the dead if their demands aren’t heeded. Dr. Penner tries to warn the government but nobody believes him. The aliens then step up and start taking over the dead and informing the public to cease testing and surrender.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – It Came From Outer Space

space the spooky frontierToday’s 31 Days of Horror entry is the 1953 3D sci-fi horror It Came from Outer Space.

An astronomer John Putnam (Richard Carlson), newly moved to the little town of Sand Rock, Arizona is out with romantic interest and teacher Ellen Fields (Barbara Rush) when the couple see a meteorite crash into Earth just nearby.

They travel out to an abandoned mine and John climbs into the crater finding a glittery trail that leads him to a spaceship. A barely seen alien causes a cave in hiding the ship and blocking it from John. When he gets back the town sheriff Matt Warren (Charles Drake) has arrived and doesn’t believe John’s story of aliens.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Critters

space the spooky frontierChanging things up a bit, here’s a movie about aliens landing Earth that don’t want human blood. They just want to eat humans.

On a prison out in the middle of space, the critters escape, making their way to Earth, landing on the Brown’s farm in rural Kansas. The prison hires two shape-changing bounty hunters to capture/kill the critters. The critters a kind of furry looking balls with lots of teeth that shoot out poisonous quills. Father Jay (Billy Green Bush) and son Brad (Scott Grimes) see what they believe is an asteroid crashing in their field. They go check and find a cow has been completely devoured.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Not Of This Earth

space the spooky frontierRoger Corman made a lot of movies throughout his long career. Most of them were cheap crap but he managed to make several great films despite his fast shoot time and low budgets. Early in his career he made this 1957 sci-fi horror with his frequent writing collaborator Charles B. Griffith.

A man drops of a woman at her house. As she walks up her steps she sees a man wearing strange sunglasses and carrying a weird briefcase. The man takes off his sunglasses and suddenly kills the woman. He opens up the suitcase and begins draining her blood.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Pandorum

space the spooky frontierIn the year 2174 with the Earth massively overpopulated, the spaceship Elysium leaves on a 123 year trip to the distant Earth-like planet of Tanis. The 60,000 passengers are all in cryogenic sleep while a rotating crew run the ship for two year shifts. Eight years into the flight Elysium receives a transmission from Earth informing the crew that they are all that’s left. Earth is gone.

Crew member Bower (Ben Foster) wakes up in his tube, disorientated and confused. Something has gone wrong and he’s suffering from temporary amnesia. Another crew member also wakes up named Payton (Dennis Quaid). He’s suffering the same disorientation and memory loss. There’s something wrong with the ship. There’s no crew and the bridge is sealed off because of power surges. It’s seems like the ship’s reactor is unstable and the doors won’t open. Payton takes command and sends Bower through the air ducts to fix the reactor.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Night Of The Creeps

space the spooky frontierIt’s 1959 and a space ship is traveling across the galaxy. Two aliens on the ship are chasing a third that’s carrying a canister. Before they can stop him, the canister is launched out into space and at Earth where crashes in the woods. A young man and his lovely date see the crash and go to investigate. Meanwhile an escaped mental patient welding an axe is on the loose nearby. As the young man takes a look at the canister, a slug jumps into his mouth as his girlfriend is killed by the escaped patient.

27 years later (1986) Chris Romero (Jason Lively) and his disabled friend J.C. (Steve Marshall) have entered college. Chris falls in love with Cynthia (Jill Whitlow), who already has a boyfriend, but he tries to impress anyway by joining a fraternity. As part of their pledge they are ordered to go steal a corpse from the college’s medical centre and leave it on the front porch of a sorority house.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – The Day Of The Triffids

space the spooky frontierBased on John Wyndham’s novel of the same name, this 1963 sci-fi horror strays from the novel but is still fun to watch.

Bill Masen (Howard Keel) awakens in a hospital, his eyes bandaged from an accident. While he was in the hospital a meteor shower graced the skies of Earth and blinded anyone who was watching it. Along for the ride with the meteors are the triffids, venomous plants that can walk and communicate with each other. They also like eating people.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Goku, Body Snatcher From Hell

space the spooky frontierA passenger plane is flying when they get a warning that there’s a bomb on board. A frantic search clears everyone expect one man. The man pulls a gun and hijacks the plane. Just then over the radio the pilots are informed of a spaceship being chased by Japanese and American pilots. Something flashes past the plane and the pilots lose control and an engine bursts into flames. The plane crashes onto an island.

The surviors include the co-pilot Sugisaka (Teruo Yoshida), a stewardess named Kazumi (Tomomi Satô), a senator, an American divorcee, an arms dealer and his wife, a scientist, a psychiatrist, the kid who called in the bomb threat and the hijacker. The hijacker takes Kazumi hostage and leaves the plane. They run into the jungle where they find an alien spaceship. The hijacker enters the ship where a blob-like substance enters his forehead splitting it open. Kazumi passes out. Sugisaka finds Kazumi and brings her back to the ship. The psychiatrist hypnotizes her so they can find out what’s happened. The teenager later pushes the psychiatrist over a cliff. The hijacker catches the psychiatrist and then drains him of his blood.
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – It! The Terror From Beyond Space

space the spooky frontierThe year is 1973. Earth has just sent the first astronauts to Mars but something has gone wrong. A ship has been dispatched to rescue the lone survivor of a crew of nine.

Col. Edward Carruthers (Marshall Thompson) claims that an alien creature murder all of his crew and he alone has survived. Nobody believes his story and instead think that Carruthers murdered his crew. He’s being brought back to be court-martialed. But something has gotten onto the ship as it returns to Earth. Something big that likes to hide in the air shafts and murder the crew for their blood!
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31 Days Of Space: The Spooky Frontier – Pitch Black

space the spooky frontierIn depths of space, a passenger ship is hit with debris, slamming through the hull, killing several sleeping passengers and damaging the ship causing it to crash. Pilot Carolyn Fry (Radha Mitchell) is awakened from cryo-sleep to the disaster and along with her co-pilot tries to save the ship. She jettisons off all the cargo sections but it’s not enough. She decides to lose the passenger section which is carrying 40 some people. The co-pilot tries to stop her but it doesn’t matter. The ship crashes on a planet far from civilization.

Only 11 people survive the crash. The co-pilot is impaled and dies a slow painful death. It seems the morphine has gone missing. The survivors include Abu “Imam” al-Walid (Keith David) and three young men he is escorting to a religious pilgrimage, antiques dealer Paris P. Ogilvie (Lewis Fitz-Gerald), stowaway teenager Jack (Rhianna Griffith), settlers John ‘Zeke’ Ezekiel (John Moore) and his partner Sharon ‘Shazza’ Montgomery (Claudia Black). Then there’s William J. Jones (Cole Hauser) and his prisoner, the notorious Richard B. Riddick (Vin Diesel). Riddick has had his eyes “shined” so he can see in the dark. As a result he has to wear goggles in the light. The planet that they have crashed landed on is a barren desert like planet. It has three suns and there never seems to be anything but daylight.
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