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14 days of film. Updated every second Thursday.

Good news monster movie fans. Shin Godzilla/Godzilla Resurgence is playing Saskatoon after all. Cineplex Odeon Centre has screenings Oct. 19 and 24 at 7 p.m. The movie is in the original Japanese with sub-titles, except for one character who speaks bad English, and it should be awesome to see on the big screen. Plus, it’s the perfect companion for 31 Days of Horror at /Shane Hnetka


Friday 14

THE ACCOUNTANT Ben Affleck is a forensic accountant who “uncooks” the books for big time criminals. From the looks of the trailers the cops are after him, and maybe the bad guys too. Director Gavin O’Connor made the excellent Warrior so this might be good. I’m amazed too that Affleck found time to make a non-superhero movie this year.

KEVIN HART: WHAT NOW? Instead of a new “partner comedy” with the likes of Dwayne Johnson or Will Ferrell, Hart switches things up with a film version of his stand-up routine.

MAX STEEL A live action movie based on Mattel’s line of action figures and an animated kids’ show spin-off. The original toy line (and TV show) apparently debuted in 2000, and got a reboot in 2013. Before writing this blurb, though, I’d never heard of it. So I can’t imagine this doing well.

Friday 21

BOO! A MADEA HALLOWEEN Well, this looks horrifying. Although considering it’s the ninth Madea movie, and none of the others, I’m pretty sure, have hit a Cineplex theatre in Saskatchewan, I doubt it will play here. Still, stranger things have happened — such as Tyler Perry dressing in drag to play an elderly street-wise black woman with a checkered past in an extended movie series.

I’M NOT ASHAMED Christian film production company Pure Flix is releasing their latest inspirational spiritual crap drama which is supposedly based on the journals of a girl who was the first victim in the Columbine High School massacre in 1999.

JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK Tom Cruise returns as badass ex-military cop Jack Reacher. This time out he’s framed for an old homicide, and also has to deal with a killer targeting members of his former army squad. Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill in Marvel’s Avengers) is there to help Jack out, but he still looks shorter than his novel counterpart.

KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES The old “sexy new neighbours turn out to be super spies” shtick. Director Greg Mottola (Superbad) has suburban couple Isla Fisher and Zach Galifianakis find out that the new neighbours, Gal Gadot and Jon Hamm, are really spies, and then gun fighting and jokes occur. Or is it jokes first, then gun fighting? It’s hard to keep it all straight.

OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL I didn’t think the original Ouija made any money, but it must’ve made enough to warrant a sequel. More cheap scares from what’s essentially a board game movie from Hasbro.

Broadway Theatre

Sunday 16

4:00 THE CRAFT The new girl at school gets involved with a coven of witches. Soon, they’re at each others’ throats using black magic.

7:00 THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT The original shaky camera horror movie! Still one of the more fun films I ever saw in a theatre. Some audience members got so involved they started sobbing near the end.

9:00 THE WITCH Set in the 1600s, a Puritan family is forced to live on a farm near a forest. Bad things start happening, and the daughter is accused of being a witch. Or is there a real witch plaguing the family? Not as scary as it should be but still good.

Monday 17

7:00 ICC PRESENTS: CHICAGO BOYS Documentary about a group of Chilean economists who were indoctrinated into the ways of Milton Friedman at the University of Chicago and, with the military’s help, set about transforming their country into a neoliberal paradise.

Wednesday 19

6:00 UNDER THE SHADOW Looks like it’s time again for Saskatoon Fantastic Film Fest. First up is this gem. Set in 1988, a mother and daughter are left alone in a Tehran apartment building after neighbours flee shelling in the Iran-Iraq War. Or are they really alone?

8:00 THE EYES OF MY MOTHER Another hidden horror gem, this Nicolas Pesce film follows a young woman whose mother was a surgeon. Grisly things occur. Grisly grisly things.

9:30 CREEPY Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Pulse) directs his latest thriller about a former detective looking into a missing family case. Then strange things start happening closer to home.

12:00 THE MASTER CLEANSE Heartbroken, Johnny Galecki goes to a retreat and discovers that purging negativity isn’t always a good thing. Like when it creates monsters.

Thursday 20

6:00 THE UNSEEN A Canadian thriller about a man coming out of hiding to find his daughter. Also, he’s becoming invisible.

8:00 WHAT THE HELL? A group of short films that focus on the fantastic and horror.

10:00 DEMON This last film from director Marcin Wrona follows a groom who’s possessed by a malevolent Jewish spirit called a dybbuk on his wedding day.

12:00 TRASH FIRE Adam Grenier (Entourage) stars in this black comedy that has a bit of a Psycho vibe — although it’s far from a horror classic.

Friday 21

6:00 DANNY SAYS Documentary about punk rock impresario Danny Fields who helped advance the careers of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The Ramones, Velvet Undergound and other iconic groups in the 1960s through ’80s.

8:00 I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER A teenage sociopath must hunt down a supernatural serial killer while trying not to become one himself.

10:00 TEENAGE COCKTAIL Two teenage girls make plans to escape their humdrum small town life but things go horribly wrong.

12:00 THE GREASY STRANGLER This is one weird-ass movie. A father and son compete for a woman’s heart — meanwhile, a greasy man is strangling people. Seriously, watch the red band trailer. Words can’t properly describe it.

Saturday 22

12:00 THE WAILING South Korean thriller where a cop investigates a mysterious outbreak of illness and violent death in a village. It seems a demon is preying on the villagers. But who is the demon?

3:00 A DARK SONG A woman and an occultist perform a ritual to get what they want.

5:00 48 HOUR MOVIE MAKING CHALLENGE Given a line of dialogue, a genre and a prop, six teams of local filmmakers make a short movie in 48 hours.

7:00 HEADSHOT In this Indonesian thriller a man is found with a serious head injury which leads to more violence.

9:30 TRAIN TO BUSAN A South Korean zombie horror film about a group of passengers trying to survive the outbreak.

12:00 SADAKO VS. KAYAKO The spooky ghost from Ringu (The Ring) fights the spooky ghost from Ju-On (The Grudge). I guess American movie monsters aren’t the only ones who get pitted against each other.


October 14

THE DRESSMAKER Kate Winslet is a fashion designer who returns to her hometown in the Australian outback in the 1950s to care for her ailing mother. The town’s closet has some skeletons in it, and they start emerging upon her arrival.

COMPLETE UNKNOWN Rachel Weisz is a woman who keeps changing her identity and eventually runs into a man she used to know.