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The Unstoppable Shift

Science Matters | July 10
Global investment in renewable energy will reach US$2 trillion this year. Finally.

Fossil Gas Grifters

Science Matters | June 26
Energy industry pimps promote “natural” gas as a green alternative. It isn’t.

The Real Cancel Culture

City | June 25
RPL leaders backtrack after banning an Israel/Gaza lecture

From Burning Cigarettes to Burning Planet

Science Matters | June 19
Big Tobacco once told us smoking was safe. Sound familiar?

Step On The Gas

Science Matters | June 14
There are no valid economic arguments against a rapid shift to cleaner energy

Killing Them Slowly

Film | June 13
In a Violent Nature gives slasher flicks a fresh look but there’s still no plot or acting

Pride, Prejudice And Pronouns

Pride | June 7 · Updated June 11
The Sask. Party government picked a fight with the entire 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Now what?

Life’s A Parade

Pride | June 7
From Regina to Saskatoon and beyond, there’s no party like Pride

False Balance: Industry vs Wildlife

Science Matters | May 29
For most of nature, the scales have already tipped grossly in favour of generating profit.

Shame and Shenanigans

Books| May 23
Kristy Jackson’s zany new kid’s book Mortified draws on the author’s tween trauma

Murphy, Rex: His Legacy

Editorial | May 15
Rex Murphy debased the public discourse he claimed to value.

The Rex Murphy Interview

From The Archives | May 15
“Information may be out there, but it must be digested for it to approach something like wisdom.”


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