space the spooky frontierWhile walking home from work nurse Samantha Adams (Jodie Whittaker) is robbed by a group of kids lead by Moses (John Boyega). The robbery is interrupted by what first appears to be a meteorite crashing into a parked car.

When Moses investigates he’s attacked by weird creature that he kills. Moses and the gang take the creature back to their apartment block which also happens to be the same apartment complex that Samantha lives in.

attack-the-blockThey take the creature to drug dealer Ron (Nick Frost) who tells them it’s an unknown species. While looking out the window Moses and the gang notice more meteorites landing. Lots more. They go out to thinking they are going to kill more of the same creature but discover that a different creature has landed.

A larger furrier looking thing with glow in the dark teeth has arrived and they are a lot more difficult to kill. Soon the entire apartment block is surrounded by the creatures. And everyone is fighting for survival. Soon there’s dead cops, mobsters, neighbours and Samantha finds herself sticking with the people who just robbed a few hours earlier. The group soon finds that the creatures are following them where ever they go.

Written and directed by then first time British filmmaker Joe Cornish Attack the Block is tense, fun and action packed. It was John Boyega’s first big screen role which would eventual lead him to getting cast in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The movie was critically acclaimed when it was released but it never got a wide release in the U.S. It has gained a large cult following since.