space the spooky frontierChanging things up a bit, here’s a movie about aliens landing Earth that don’t want human blood. They just want to eat humans.

On a prison out in the middle of space, the critters escape, making their way to Earth, landing on the Brown’s farm in rural Kansas. The prison hires two shape-changing bounty hunters to capture/kill the critters. The critters a kind of furry looking balls with lots of teeth that shoot out poisonous quills. Father Jay (Billy Green Bush) and son Brad (Scott Grimes) see what they believe is an asteroid crashing in their field. They go check and find a cow has been completely devoured.

crittersThe critters make their way to the farm and cut the power. Mother Helen (Dee Wallace – man she did a lot of horror movies), along with Brad and Jay look in the cellar at the breaker box when Jay is attacked by the critters. Meanwhile daughter April (Nadine Van der Velde) is in the barn making out with her boyfriend Steve (Billy Zane) when Steve is attacked and eaten by critters. Meanwhile the bounty hunters have shown up and are causing havoc in town.

Despite claims from director Stephen Herek (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Mighty Ducks, Mr. Holland’s Opus, 101 Dalmatians) that Critters was not inspired by Gremlins, it sure seems and was marketed as a Gremlins-like movie. The end result is fun little ’80s monster flick which managed to spawn three sequels.