space the spooky frontierThe good Dr. Karol Noymann (John Carradine) is killed in an explosion and his colleague Dr. Penner (Philip Tonge) quits the U.S. Atomic Commission calling for change. Later at his house Dr. Penner is visited by the recently deceased Dr. Noymann. Noymann`s moving corpse has been taken over by an alien. An invisible alien!

The alien informs Dr. Penner that his race is going to conquer the Earth and that he should inform the governments to stop atomic testing and to surrender to avoid bloodshed. The race of aliens are invisible and will take over the bodies of the dead if their demands aren’t heeded. Dr. Penner tries to warn the government but nobody believes him. The aliens then step up and start taking over the dead and informing the public to cease testing and surrender.

invisible-invadersEarth’s governments now believe Dr. Penner and send Major Bruce Jay (John Agar) to retrieve Penner and his daughter Phyllis (Jean Byron). They try and capture an alien so they can conduct tests on it to see how the aliens can be stopped.

Another low budget effort from director Edward L. Cahn, this time instead of spending money on alien costumes Cahn and the producers went with invisible aliens and walking zombies to keep things cheap. It’s not a bad effort, kind of fun and hokey but definitely not a masterpiece.