space the spooky frontierThis is going to sound familiar. An asteroid crashes into Earth near a small town. Two campers go looking at the meteor only to get devoured by something.

Just a short distance away is the lovely home of Sam (James Brewster) and Barb (Elissa Neil) and their kids Pete (Tom DeFranco) and Charles (Charles George Hildebrandt). Visiting the house happen to be Uncle Herb (John Schmerling), Aunt Millie (Ethel Michelson) and some deadly alien spawn that have moved into the basement.

deadly-spawnYoung Charles loves horror movies and playing pranks on folks. Sam and Barb have to go into town but it’s raining badly so before they leave Sam goes to check the basement to see if it’s flooding. It kind of is but also there’s a giant three headed alien spawn thing with teeth that promptly eats Sam and then Barb when she goes checks on Sam (never be named Barb in a horror movie).

Meanwhile Aunt Millie goes to visit friends and Pete has some friends over to study. His friends discover a weird teeth infested slug-like thing and they grab it to dissect. One of Pete’s friends thinks the creature is from outer space which Pete dismisses. Soon the weird slug creatures are crawling all over the place and everyone is fighting for their lives.

This low budget 1983 B-movie was retitled in various places as Return of the Alien’s Deadly Spawn, The Alien’s Deadly Spawn and Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn in an attempt to cash in on the popularity of Alien. The actually film has nothing to do with Alien but it is a fun and gory movie. The creature effects are extremely entertaining and the movie has gathered a large cult following over the years.