An Apology

Bonus Column | by Todd Tarkinton

Well Doug, it turns out you were right and I was wrong. Cats and dogs ARE different animals. Totally different species, in fact. A cat is about as closely related to a dog as a rabbit is to a squirrel.

That’s another thing I was wrong about. Squirrels and rabbits? Not the same!

When I make a mistake I’m big enough to admit it

The important thing is, when I make a mistake I’m big enough to admit it. Prove he’s wrong about something and you won’t get a blank stare, condescending snort or meticulously-plotted revenge-murder out of ol’ Todd Tarkinton. No, you’ll get a “thank you”, a handshake and his sincere appreciation for teaching him something new.

So with that said: thank you for setting me straight Sunday night, Doug. I really thought cats were the females and dogs were the males.

Also, It was wrong of me to scream at your children for naming your cat Roger. I’m sorry. Roger is a fine name for a male cat. I hope Sharon and the kids will forgive me.

Wikipedia! Who knew?

Todd Tarkinton seems like a good name for a generic middle manager whose wife recently left him.