with Tatrina Tai

Tatrina studied classical music as a child and jazz ended up being her true calling. Currently working on a holiday album with jazz trombonist/vocalist Wycliffe Gordon that’s due out next year, she’s performing at Maurice Drouin’s Jazzy Christmas Special at Dakota Dunes Casino Dec. 2 and 9. /Gregory Beatty

“Dream A Little Dream Of Me”
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong Last Decca Years 1949-1954 (1999)

This song is the quintessential jazz duet. The smoothness of Ella’s voice mixed with the raspy undertones of Pops is like peanut butter & jelly. Perfection.

“Arms Of A Woman”
Amos Lee / Amos Lee (2005)

When I became a mother I danced with my newborn son to this heart-melting song every night. Those sweet snuggles will stay with me always, and this song always takes me back.

Julia Michaels / Nervous System (2017)

This song’s honesty and intimacy regarding the perfect imperfections within a relationship was like a looking glass into the artist’s soul. The contrast between the insecurity of the singer and the classical chamber ensemble (and the angelic harmonies) really speaks to my younger self. When I first heard this song I was transported back to my 20s. And I smiled.

Oliver Jones / The Second Time Around (2007)

I love preparing amazing meals in my kitchen while listening to this song and sipping a glass of red wine.

“For What It’s Worth”
Paul Kuzbik (2017)

After the Oct. 1 Vegas shooting I, like many people, was heartbroken and devastated. My friend Paul released this single the month before, and listening to it over the past few months has been a source of comfort when I’m faced with how much suffering there is in this world.

“Overture/All That Jazz”
Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger, Taye Diggs / Chicago (2002)

The last time this musical came to town my girlfriends and I dressed like we were in the cellblock tango and had the time of our lives (you could say we had it comin’). Years ago, I also taught this piece to an amazingly talented bunch of musical theatre students at Juliette’s School of Dance. When I hear this song I’m reminded of so many special people.