Planet S readers love to rant. This arrived today in my inbox, and I was amused so I thought I’d share. Bonus: Colleen will be at Words for a Freezing Moon: An Indigenous Storytelling Gathering tonight. It’s at 7:00 at Station 20 West. Sounds cool! Check it out.


P.O.T.U.S.: Does it stand for Please Overturn Trump’s Untrue Statements? by Colleen Charlette

I’d like to bring foremost in your mind the old adage: knowledge is power. In the very recent Pre-Trump Presidency Past, a new cycle emerged in our social-political stratosphere called “fake news”. This is some weird twist of the newly-clothed emperor telling the common people that we are the ones without clothing.

Back in my day, fake news was simply termed “B.S.” and promptly dismissed. The current White House spin mills are generating a stream of fake news (a.k.a. B.S.) on taxpayers’ dimes.

Is “fake news” political correctness’ toxic love-child?

Back to the tried-and-true adage, “Knowledge is power.” The Trump presidency is seemingly disempowering the common people’s knowledge base. Lies dis-empower. Never mind the cost of the time on everyone’s clocks that we cannot afford to waste. The price on human evolution that will inevitably exacted is frightening and increasing as each hour passes. Scientists and researchers are rushing to fortify documents in cyberspace so years of their hard work, data collection, evidence and factual proof will not be eradicated. While the ISIL terrorists are demolishing centuries—old architecture, the current American president is virtually burning libraries. These virtual libraries are former sanctums and forums of truth, proof and respect where confidence and hope reside and flourish.

The fabric of society will end up looking like ‘late-stage Jenga’ if this trend continues.

It’s only the ninth of February and “Mockupy America” has only been at it since the Jan. 20. It’s only been 21 days. Let’s challenge corruption, and not disguise it as disruption. Let’s support open, honest dialogue without fear of unreasonable reprisal. Let’s spend our words wisely.

And let’s keep in mind all of the blood, sweat and tears that have been sacrificed for democracy.