Daily AggregationHappy afternoon, Saskatoon! It’s minus-19 (samsies with Regina!) and the oracles have foreseen a minus-17 high coming at us late afternoon. Tonight will be minus-22. Sunset remains on the preferred side of 7 p.m., happening at 7:03 to be specific. In just over a month it’ll be setting after eight. In just over a week, the days will be longer than nights, which is awwwwwwwwsome! Now pull up a chair and let’s news!

1. HEALTH CARE: DEALS, DEALS, DEALS Alberta, Quebec and Ontario sign health care funding agreements with the feds. Saskatchewan signed its deal in January.

2. A NEW WAY TO PAY, HOORAY Are you a person who likes to park? Do you have a cellphone? Well then, you’ll want to read this right here.

3. MLA AND PUBLIC SERVANT PAY FIGHT CONTINUES The NDP and Sask Party are not getting along.

4. EMPTY APARTMENT CITY Saskatoon’s rental vacancy rate is a staggering 15 per cent. Normal is around three per cent. On the bright side, rents are coming down. That’s a damn good bright side.

5. MORON POT BUST Here’s a long read on yesterday’s ridiculous, waste-of-time-and-money Toronto police-led national weed dispensary raids. Legalize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. BOMBARDIER BOY BAGGED IN BIG BRIBERY BUST Evegeny Pavlov, who works for the Canadian aerospace company possibly best known for its trough-slurping, is being held in Sweden.

7. DOES THE CONVENIENT-FOR-TRUMP WIKILEAK ABOUT THE CIA’S HACKING POWER SERVE RUSSIAN INTERESTS? So we have to choose whether we’re on Team CIA or Team KGB? Wheee, I love 21st century geopolitics. Anyway, something to read and ponder.

8. OLD MASTER, NEW ART New Goya etchings have been found, holy smokes. Goya is one of the all-time greats.

KONG: SKULL ISLAND It’s getting decent reviews and it looks like fun. Gotta love the king!