Daily AggregationGood afternoon Saskatoon! How’s it going? According to my cell phone’s weather app, it’s 11°C with a high of 13 later. A source who doesn’t want to be named for fear of reprisals describes the day as “not bad, grey,” adding, “but the sun’s starting to peek out.” #Journalism.

Sunrise today was at 5:33 a.m. while sunset is at 8:34 and HELLO, that means we’re in the magical land of 15 hours of daylight, which continues until Aug. 9, HUZZAH. Peak daylight is 16 hours, 45 minutes on June 20 and 21, by the way.


2. “IT JUST MAKES YOUR HEAD SPIN” Weed will soon be legal but cops are still busting the people selling it, blah.

3. FREEDOM OF THE PRESS: CANADA IS OUT OF THE TOP 20 COUNTRIES Well this isn’t good at all. Spying on journalists and police interference is unacceptable. The Toronto Star has a peeved editorial here.

4. NDP LEADERSHIP RACE BEGINS Will the party get it right this time? We’ll have an idea on May 6, 2018.

5. TEXAS COPS SHOOT AND KILL A 15-YEAR-OLD BLACK KID AND LIE ABOUT IT Police said they fired at a car that was backing towards them. It wasn’t, and now a kid’s dead.

6. PLAGIARISM IS THE NEW BLACK Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen lifted parts of a speech by eliminated Republican candidate François Fillon. She says it was a tribute. Or maybe she’s just a nasty dope who hired plagiarism monkeys for speechwriters?

7. A 12-YEAR OLD WAS BOOTED FROM A CHESS TOURNAMENT FOR WEARING A “TOO SEDUCTIVE ” DRESS Hopefully whoever’s responsible for this creepy, moralizing stupidity is banned from being around children.

8. CROSBY IS CONCUSSED The Hart Trophy nominee is out against the Capitals in game 4 after a nasty Alex Ovechkin slash and a probably-not-malicious-but-devastating cross check by Matt Niskanen. Not good for hockey.

DO YOU LIKE SWEET, QUIRKY ROMANTIC MOVIES ABOUT NOVA SCOTIA ARTISTS? CHECK OUT MAUDIE I caught it last night and it’s a sweetheart of a movie,  based on the life of actual folk artist Maud Lewis. It’s at the (theatre formerly known as the) Galaxy this week. You can read more about Maudie and Lewis here and here. How often do you get to see a biopic about an amazing Canadian artist married to a door-to-door fish salesman? 4/5 Prairie Dogs. See it!