Filming has just wrapped up on the latest edition of the Predator franchise, The Predator which is actually only the fourth film. The original though first hit screens 30 years ago on June 12. Today’s Sunday Matinee takes a look at the classic first movie.

Back in 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger was king of the action films. He had two big hits in theatres in 1987. The Running Man and this mix of action and sci-fi horror.

The plot is simple. A group of soldiers go on a rescue mission in the jungle only to find themselves being hunted down by something bigger and badder than them.

There is a lot of horror movies that set all the action during the daytime but this film does. The Predator plays hide and go seek in plan site by camouflaging himself. Along with Schwarzenegger the cast is filled with larger than life 1980s action movie regulars. Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Richard Chaves, Jesse Ventura and Sonny Landham. Lethal Weapon screenwriter Shane Black also made the team which comes full circle as Black is writing and directing the fourth Predator movie.

There is something about this movie that just clicks. With director John McTiernan at the top of his game the movie is an intense, thrilling, fast paced and a very typical ’80s Schwarzenegger action film.