I love Arrow Films. Not only do they bring old cult favourites to blu-ray but they can dig up some lost classics that people may never have heard of. For example this 1961 mystery from French director Georges Franju.

Georges Franju is best remembered for his second feature film, the brilliant and excellent Eyes Without a Face. Another of his movies was the 1963 remake Judex. But before he made Judex he made this 1961 mystery Spotlight on a Murderer.

Comte HervĂ© de Kerloguen is dying but before he goes he hides himself in a small room hidden in his mansion. Without a body his heirs can’t inherit his estate for five years. In the meantime they are responsible to keep up the estate, while searching for the body. Soon heirs are dropping left and right. Who is bumping them off? And where is Comte HervĂ© de Kerloguen’s body?

This is kind of a play on Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians. The screenplay was an original story written by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac who also wrote Vertigo and Diabolique as well as Eyes Without a Face. This isn’t as nearly as good as Eyes Without a Face but it’s still pretty entertaining. And very cool it get a release from Arrow.