Today’s Sunday Matinee is a quiet little British sci-fi thriller from 1963 called Unearthly Stranger.

Shot on a low budget with practically no special effects the story follows a scientist, Dr. Mark Davidson (John Neville) narrates the story as a flashback. Fearing for his life he tells how he got to this point.

Davidson has been assigned to a new project. His predecessor died from an explosion in the brain. They are working on a way to travel through space using mental powers. But something is a foot. Davidson has just married a mysterious woman named Julie (played by Gabriella Licudi). There is something really off about Julie. She never blinks, she sleeps with her eyes open and to top things off she has no pulse. Also children are naturally afraid of her.

The secret service are very suspicious of her and try to find out the truth. A secret alien truth! Then things get interesting. Unearthly Stranger is one of those little b movies that fly under the radar but are still pretty entertaining.