One of Jackie Chan’s best movies turns 25 this year. It was the third in his Police Story series and the stunts in this film are nothing short of amazing.

Police Story 3: Supercop continued follow the adventures of Jackie Chan’s “supercop” Ka-Kui Chan. This time Ka-Kui has been requested by Interpol to work undercover with mainland China to capture a notorious drug dealer named Chaibat (Kenneth Tsang). The plan has Chan pretending to be a criminal and bust an associate of Chaibat’s out named Panther (Yuen Wah). Helping Chan out is a mainland Chinese cop Michelle Yeoh. Yeoh ends up posing as Chan’s sister and the two end up working for Chaibat after they bust Panther out of prison.

This all leads them to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where they are supposed to bust Chaibat’s wife out of prison. While there Chan accidentally runs into his girlfriend Maggie Chung who ends up getting kidnapped. Along the way there are some of the most amazing stunts and fights ever put on film.

This was the first of the Police Story series that Chan himself did not direct, instead Stanley Tong stepped in to direct this along with another of Chan’s most successful movies, Rumble in the Bronx. This was also one the first of Chan’s movies that was shot with sync sound. Up until this point none of Jackie Chan’s movies were because Chan figured the movies had to be dubbed into multiple languages for the many different film markets. The success of Rumble in the Bronx in North American theatres lead to Disney/Dimension/Weinstein buying the distribution rights, dubbing the movie into English, cutting 10 minutes out and changing the title to just Supercop and releasing the film in theatres in 1996.

Jackie Chan would make one more direct sequel to the Police Story series, Police Story 4: First Strike aka Jackie Chan’s First Strike but nothing comes close to this film. From Michelle Yeoh actually driving a motorcycle on top of train to Jackie Chan hanging from a helicopter they don’t make movies like this anymore.