Two teenage sisters have a huge fascination with death and have sworn an oath that they will die together. The community has been besieged with dog deaths lately, something has been stalking and feeding on them.

One night Ginger (Katharine Isabelle), the oldest of the sisters and Brigitte (Emily Perkins) go out to prank a girl who is bullying them at school. On their way Ginger gets her first period and the blood draws the creature that has stalking the neighbourhood to them and attacks Ginger.

Sam (Kris Lemche) happens to drive by and run over the creature which appears to be a werewolf. Ginger and Brigitte go home to find that Ginger’s wounds have healed. As the days go by Ginger starts to go through changes. She grows a tail, starts growing hair and her behaviour changes too.

Ginger’s hormones are raging and she goes out with a boy and has sex with him despite Brigitte’s protests. Brigitte and Sam start trying to find a cure for Ginger, meanwhile the bodies are starting to pile up.

This is an excellent horror comedy. The movie slowly become more successful and eventual a sequel and a prequel were made both decent.