Thierry Richard (Marc Paquet) and his roommate Henri Dieudonné (Frédéric Pierre) go out to celebrate one night and pick up a couple of prostitutes, one of them tries to kill Henri but Theirry saves him.

Later Thierry meets a lovely young woman named Claire Lefrançois (Marianne Farley). He becomes infatuated with her but then some strange things begin to occur. One is that her sister is the same prostitute that tried to kill Henri. The other is it seems that Claire has cancer. But the truth is very very different.

Henri begins to suspect there is something else going on with Claire. As he digs well they don’t like what they find.

This is a pretty cool little horror movie. It’s not what quite what you would expect. This was director Daniel Roby’s first feature film and has gone to direct dramas like Louis Cyr. The movie was released as White Skin in Canada but for some strange reason is retitled Cannibal in the U.S. which isn’t a very accurate name for the movie.