Five doctors are taking a camping vacation out in the woods. Things start off OK but one night someone steals all their boots except for one pair. The doctor who still has his shoes goes looking for help. That’s when things start to go wrong.

Shortly after the doctor leaves they find a someone has left a deer head just outside their camp. They decide to leave but things are tough going and someone or something seems to be stalking them.

When the movie was released critics disliked calling it a Canadian version of Deliverance. While there are some similarities the fact that you don’t know who is stalking and killer the doctors off makes the movie actually a little closer to Friday the 13th but it was released a couple of years earlier.

Hal Holbrook is excellent as the one doctor who has the strongest sense of morals and is forced to try and survive and keep the others alive too while stuck out in the woods. Whoever the mysterious killer is he doesn’t make it easy on them.