It’s New Year’s Eve at a frat house and the local medical students are playing a prank on freshman named Kenny Hampson (Derek MacKinnon). Alana Maxwell (Jamie Lee Curtis) lures poor Kenny into a room with the promise of sex and instead helps trick into almost making out with a corpse. The trauma from the incident sends Kenny to psychiatric hospital.

Three years later on New Year’s Eve, the students are having a party on a train. It’s a costume party but there is someone else on the train. Someone bent on killing the people responsible for the prank.

There isn’t much to the mystery of who the killer is but there is a bit of fun guessing which costume the killer is in at any given time. Roger Spottiswoode directed this slasher shot in Canada. It was his first movie and he would go one to direct movies like Turner & Hooch, Air America and Tomorrow Never Dies.

After the success of Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis found herself constantly cast in horror slasher movies. Along with this film in 1980 she also starred in another Canadian slasher Prom Night.