12-year-old Glen (Stephen Dorff) has discovered a geode in his backyard after workers remove a tree. Glen’s friend Terry (Louis Tripp) comes over and they find an even bigger geode.

Glen’s parents go away for a couple of days and leave Glen’s older sister Al (Christa Denton) in charge. She quickly throws a party at the house. While the party is going on Glen and Terry crack open the geode and find a note with an incantation on it which they read. Unbeknownst to them they have opened up a portal or “gate” if you will where little demons have escaped. The creatures slowly start messing with Glen, Terry and Al.

The trio are slowly attacked over the next few days as they slowly figure out what has happened and try to reverse the gate and banish the demons.

This was Stephen Dorff’s first movie role and the movie did well enough to get a sequel a couple of years later. Director Tibor Takács directed the sequel too. The movie has gained a cult following over the years and is pretty fun.