Elizabeth Lucy (Karen Black) has either fallen or jumped off the top of a tall building. Or maybe she was pushed. It’s up to Dt. Sgt. Jim Henderson (Christopher Plummer) to find out.

Lucy was a heroin addicted prostitute and the movie follows her final days leading up to her demise. Dt. Sgt. Jim Henderson in the present is trying to figure out what happened to Lucy and what she ended up getting involved in.

The movie reminds me a little of The Seventh Victim but with the victim’s perspective too. Shot and set in Montreal the movie moves along at a decent pace as Henderson tries to find who or what may have been responsible for Lucy’s death. A tiny metal container or a pyx was found at the scene of Lucy’s death along with a cross and Henderson, who has his own demons to deal with, has to figure what it all means.

Director Harvey Hart mostly worked in TV but he does a competent job here and producer Julian Roffman had previously directed Canada’s first horror movie The Mask.