A man flees into a field leaving running away from a farm house. A woman is running with him but is shot by two men and set on fire.

Deputy Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) takes the man, James (Evan Stern) to the hospital when Carter finds him crawling on the road. The local hospital is running on a skeleton crew, the hospital itself was damaged in a fire and has seen better days. Currently only Dr. Richard Powell (Kenneth Welsh), Carter’s ex-wife nurse Allison (Kathleen Munroe), nurse Beverly (Stephanie Belding), intern Kim (Ellen Wong), pregnant girl Maggie (Grace Munro), her grandfather Ben (Grace Munro), and patient Cliff (Matt Kennedy).

Things start going bad when nurse Beverly cuts off her face and kills Cliff. Carter kills her but blacks out and has a vision.

When Carter comes to state trooper Mitchell (Art Hindle) has arrived to question James. When Carter goes out to his car to radio in what’s happened he is confronted by a large group of cultists who have the hospital surrounded. The two men from the farm, father and son Vincent (Daniel Fathers) and Simon (Mik Byskov) arrive to kill James. That’s when a tentacle creature that used to be Beverly attacks. Things really start getting bad.

This independent Canadian horror movie was crowd funded in order to get financing to get made. The movie is pretty good and the practical effects look awesome.