I feel like I can do some mansplaining today. I personally define “mansplaining” as “explaining to men things that men don’t always understand”. Not the typical definition, I know. I think mine is a more honourable kind of mansplaining.

I have testicles that are, according to Dr. Gonor who did my vasectomy, average. (I point this out to allay trolls who will tell me things like, “grow a pair” or “be a man” or whatever uninventish, child-like response pops in to their perma-pre-pubescent brains). I can show you a picture if you need proof… but it would have to be in person because having a digital photo of your junk is idiotic.

Now that we have established my masculinity, here is my opinion on lingerie shows and the likes. They objectify women. Where do I get this opinion? The same place all men and women should. Ask smart people with relevant life experiences. So I did.

I am sharing the entire documentation of a recent survey in the image below. Please analyze it carefully and then read on. (Names have been changed because too many people are … well, you know)

Survey conducted in 2017. Yes, men. It is 2017.

Who are these people?

Jaime is a millennial working in marketing for a  Saskatoon owned and operated business. The business has a history going back more than 100 years. Jaime is bright and honest.

Morgan is a journalist who spent several years as a court reporter, listening to story after story after story about women being raped, murdered, sexually assaulted and everything awful that you can fathom. She was once told by a police officer at a crash scene, (please read in your douche-baggiest voice) “Honey, I love to watch you work”.

Taylor is a 42 year old single woman who owns her own women’s fashion boutique. She has not married or had children because, well, who says you have to do that shit?

Chris is a manager in a health region. She has years of background in social work (including a Masters degree), much of it spent helping women who were abused. She is also a mother and a busy community volunteer serving (or having served) on numerous boards in her city, province and nation.

Alex is a married mother of two (including a daughter) who has worked for 20+ years in marketing, retail and the service industry.

My mom was raised in the 40’s and 50’s and she is wise enough to listen to her children.

So – 100% of women I respect, agree – lingerie shows objectify women.

Historically, this has not been the consensus at the cheerleader table in the suburban high school cafeteria , but (to use their words) who cares what those bitches think. They’ll probably let their husbands do the voting, anyway.

If you wanna hear this from a woman… I think Tammy Robert, writing in Saskatoon Express nailed it.