Dario Argento’s classic horror movie about a young woman (Jessica Harper) attending a dance school in Europe and discovering something sinister is happening at the school, is turning 40 this year.

Synapse Films did a 4k restoration on the movie that took four years to complete and has been screening the restoration in select theatres this year. It apparently looks amazing. They’ve also just released the restoration on blu-ray this month.

It’s a dark and stormy night when Harper arrives at the school. She can’t get in and goes to a hotel, at the same time a woman flees the school and goes to a friends apartment. There she tells her friend that she has discovered something terrible at the school. She goes into the bathroom and then someone grabs her, stabs her repeatedly, wraps a nose around her neck and tosses her off the roof of the apartment.

Harper returns to the school and is introduced around the place. After intros Harper faints and wakes up on campus in her room with the doctor telling her that she needs to stay on campus to recover. Later while having dinner with all the students and teachers in the dinning hall, maggots rain from the ceiling on them. Even more strange things start to occur.

Suspiria is considered one of writer/director Dario Argento’s best movies. It was the first of his witches trilogy and the movie does feature all of Argento’s trademark style. Cool camera angles, gruesome deaths and an awesome Goblin soundtrack.