Top 6 |  by  Chris Scott

In the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog. Those born under this sign have the highest level of determination and can accomplish whatever they set out to do. But don’t stop there — let’s see what the rest of us can learn from this year’s pup.

1. The Dog Knows How To Keep A Secret

People born under this sign are exceptional listeners. So the next time your friend gets sloppy drunk and tells you they’re secretly in love with their best friend, do what The Dog would do and listen politely then DON’T REPEAT IT. Resolve to listen more than you speak this year!

2. The Dog Makes And Keeps Friends

Is there anyone in your social circle you’ve wronged? The Dog’s natural loyalty urges mending those fences. Maybe it was a political debate on Facebook that angried-up your blood, maybe it was a “Certs is a breath mint/Certs is a candy mint” screaming match. Regardless, resolve to be a better buddy in 2018.

3. The Dog Works Very Hard

I guess this is where “Works Like A Dog” comes from. Use the Dog year to make and keep commitments — be it working out, quitting smoking or calling your mom more.

4. The Dog Appreciates Luxury

The Dog appreciates life’s finer things. Why not use 2018 to practice some self-love and treat yo’ self better? You don’t need to break the bank — how about a relaxing bath, a glass of wine and a good book?

5. The Dog Is Romantic

Why are you waiting? Why not surprise your partner with some flowers, a handmade coupon for a backrub, or even something as prosaic as doing the dishes without being asked? In 2018, resolve to be more spontaneous and say “I love you”, just because.

6. The Dog is Sexy

You’re on your own here, pal. As for Dogs, they’re known for being both loyal and attractive — what an unbeatable combination. This year, why not spruce up and put your best possible self out there? I’m not talking “Prairie Dog After Dark” sexy… well, okay, maybe I am. The Dog tells us to have confidence and believe in our own attractiveness and by Dog, we’re gonna do it. There’s no better time — 2018 is supposed to be an unbeatable year for romance for all the signs. Happy barking!