Message From Space | by Anonymous

It was raining in the middle of winter and the roads, parking lots and sidewalks were skating rinks. What better time to hop in my car, grab a friend and head out to a movie, right? After all, it was Toonie Tuesday at the second-run theatre and we HAD to see Justice League. Luckily we snapped up a parking spot near the door but unfortunately we were too stupid to wear the kind of shoes that would provide even a smidgen of grip on the ice sheet between us and the entrance. We might as well have tried climbing Mount Everest barefoot. Then, out of the darkness, came two kind strangers who offered their hands to form a chain that pulled us to safety! My non-concussed head, unbroken bones, un-bruised body and grateful heart thank you! Likewise, a huge thanks goes to the third kind stranger who helped us back to our car at the end of the night. You people are the REAL superheroes.

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