with Stephanie Thomson

Stephanie is a Saskatchewan adult contemporary pop country vocalist with three albums to her credit — the latest being 2012’s Fly Away. She also tours with Bjorn Again, the world’s only endorsed Abba tribute band , singing and dancing as Agnetha. /Gregory Beatty

“Love So Soft”
Kelly Clarkson
Meaning Of Life (2017)

I’m singing this groovy tune at my show. My roots are in gospel R&B and pop/country, and Kelly is the most comparable go-to singer for my vocal abilities. I love the lyrics, and the tune just puts me in the mood to groove.

Greatest Hits… So Far!!! (2010)

I’m also singing this tune (the clean version) at my show. I love her vocals, and the lyric “Change the voices in your head”. Feed the mind with positive thoughts and you will win, or at least be happy trying, ’cause you’re PERFECT. Power anthem for all to believe in themselves.

Bruno Mars
Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010)

Bruno Mars is my ultimate favourite male artist. This song is haunting, with mesmerizing lyrics and impeccable vocals. It’s sexy too, and I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers (LOL).

“Beautiful Trauma”
Beautiful Trauma (2017)

I love raw, pure, honest relationship songs. Pink is my all-time favourite female vocalist. She sings flawlessly, and writes from her heart without caring about the haters. I admire her ability to be a mom of two and still be a sexy rock goddess.

Sara Bareilles
The Blessed Unrest (2013)

A feel-good power anthem. If I’m in a down mood, I just put on my “Brave”. When I was in New York doing a show with Bjorn Again, Sara was on a Broadway billboard. I admire her ability to be a diverse performer and songwriter who advocates for “different” people everywhere.

“I Knew I Loved You”
Savage Garden
Affirmation (1999)

I walked down the aisle to this tune in 2004 to marry my amazing husband. Best day of my life!