Message From Space |  by Anonymous

While the Sask. Party government keeps itself busy with petty partisan politics, denying climate change and “Keeping Saskatchewan Strong”, I’ve been busting my butt looking for work in the economy they wrecked. I’ve been unemployed since last fall and things are grim — I’m depressed as hell, my finances are in the toilet, I can’t keep up with bills and my bank’s being a dick. It’s gotten so bad so fast that I’m preparing to sell my home. Fortunately, many close friends have been incredibly supportive and kept me half-sane. But sadly  some folks have been less than helpful. Please don’t tell me how many other unemployed people you know, or how many businesses are closing or issuing huge layoffs these days. And when I mention selling my place, I don’t want to hear how the real estate market is in the shitter. I really don’t need you driving me deeper into the dumps than I already am with your callous comments.

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