With Annette Nedilenka

Annette is an illustrator and local music show-goer who formed her own band in early 2017. She’s interested in a wide range of music and art, and enjoys sharing her interests with others and supporting those who are just as passionate. /Gregory Beatty

Noname | Telefone (2016)

Noname has a perfect R&B/hip hop sound that recalls Lauryn Hill and Andre 3000. Before releasing this debut album, she worked with fellow Chicagoan Chance the Rapper. “Yesterday” depicts the feelings of being a young adult, the struggles of growing up and how one finds self value and identity without money.

Exit Order | S/T (2015)

This high-energy hardcore punk-rock band from Boston always puts me in a good mood. Their high-pitched vocals and witty lyrics make the band stand out. “Dog” speaks vaguely about living in an impoverished, classist society, and equates the experience to that of stray dogs.

“No Sympathy”
Krimewatch | Demo (2016)

Krimewatch are a hardcore punk band from New York. Their tracks embody an earlier style of hardcore but have a freshly executed sound. They got me listening to punk and hardcore again, and I’m excited to see what they do next.

Basic Nature | Circles And Lines (2015)

Basic Nature is a Winnipeg duo consisting of Lizzy Burt (vocals/guitar) and Claire Bones (drums/vocals). Their full and lush sound gives me a euphoric experience every time I listen to their music. “Gone” is my favourite track on this album and is a perfect listen for any prairiegaze lover.

Not You | Misty (2017)

Nostalgic and heartbreaking, “Soup” instantly captivated me. Not You’s post-punk/slippergaze tracks have a slight resemblance to the indie-rock band Deerhoof. They’re from Halifax, and have a unique sound and delicate lyrics that will leave you feeling cute and teary-eyed.

“Sugar For The Pill”
Slowdive | Slowdive (2017)

Slowdive have been a staple of the shoegaze/dream pop genre for the past couple of decades. After breaking up in 1995, they reunited and produced this fantastic self-titled album. From Reading, England, they’ve traveled the world and shared their beautiful ambient sound. “Sugar for the Pill” is an exceptional song that demonstrates what the band and genre are all about.