with Rugged Little Thing

Jille and Ryan Shotton, a.k.a. Rugged Little Thing, describe themselves as a marriage of bluegrass, old time and folk. They launch their second album at the Underground Café on Friday, March 23. Together, they shared six favourite songs. Here they are! /Gregory Beatty

“Live Oak”
Jason Isbell
Southeastern (2013)

This song about quitting drinking asks some interesting questions about what becomes of our relationships as we change. One of my favourite personal reflection songs. (Ryan)

“Coal Harbor Bend”
I’ve Got A Bulldog (2012)

A gent was floating down the river one night, the story goes, and heard a group of people jamming to this tune at a campfire along the river bank. Not soon after, he heard another group playing the same song. Then again, and again. He thought “Wow, this is a popular tune around here!” Turns out he was stuck in a current going around and around, hearing the same group over and over. Not sure if it’s true, but I love the story. (Jille)

“Can You Run”
The Steeldrivers
Reckless (2010)

I admire Chris Stapleton’s ability to write a song that has nothing to do with him personally yet draws you into a story. This song about the U.S. Civil War is so real you can taste the gunpowder. (Ryan)

“Femme Indigene”
Lonesome Ace Stringband
Old Time (2014)

This song features Lonesome Ace’s fiddle player, John Showman. It’s just him, his fiddle and his stomping foot, but it sounds like a whole room of musicians. He is possibly the best fiddle player, ever. (Jille)

“Old Vatseznoots”
Ivan Rosenberg
The Littlest Dobro (2017)

If you’re like me and enjoy original instrumental bluegrass, then this is for you. Canada’s Dobro champ Ivan Rosenberg is backed by The Slocan Ramblers on every track and I can’t take this CD out of my car. (Ryan)

“All Night Long”
Max and Frank Evans
Big Meal Time (2008)

Long before these brothers established themselves as two of Canada’s best bluegrass/old time musicians with The Slocan Ramblers and The All Day Breakfast Stringband, they were teenagers putting out incredible music as a duo. Being in a duo myself, I always enjoy the simplicity of just a couple instruments and some nice harmonies. (Jille)