With Erica Maier

Erica plays guitar and sings in the surf garage band The Garrys, and also co-hosts Hysterio on CFCR 90.5 FM. The Garrys, BTW, play with Weaves at Black Cat Tavern on Tuesday, May 1 /Gregory Beatty

“Even If It’s True”
Relaxed Fit (2011)

Twitter suggested I follow Paula shortly after high school, when I was living alone up north. Relaxed Fit ended up being a soundtrack for me and my loneliness. The synths remind me of this battery-powered keyboard I got for Christmas as a kid.

“Some Are Lakes”
Land of Talk
Some Are Lakes (2008)

I used to borrow CDs from my older siblings and remember taking this from my brother’s collection in grade nine. I’d been in a moody teen phase only listening to Emily Haines and Conor Oberst, so when I first heard Elizabeth Powell’s voice I was refreshed by the emotion she carried without feeling so emo. I was so into this song but had too much pride to look up a guitar tab. I still play the chords wrong, and I’m okay with it.

“Ram On”
Paul & Linda McCartney
RAM (1971)

I needed a serious break from The Beatles after Across the Universe and my brother showed me this album, which was the perfect reprieve. I don’t know if “Ram On” is my favourite song on RAM, but I know if you looped it on repeat I wouldn’t be mad about it.

“California Shake”
Margo Guryan
25 Demos (2001, recorded c.1968)

Margo’s vocals make it feel super careless and simultaneously desperate, like she’s sad but also doesn’t give a shit — which I’m a big fan of. Plus, the guitar noodling is perfect.

Dr. Dog
Fate (2008)

Dr. Dog makes me so nostalgic but for nothing specific. I also really love how tight their harmonies are — even with such distinct voices — and that lead vocals are swapped between Scott McMiken and Toby Leaman.

“Four Square”
Basic Nature
Real Love’s Beach Station Blues IV (2015)

Do you ever listen to a song and wish you’d written it? That’s how I feel about a lot of Basic Nature’s music, but especially this song. It’s dreamy, catchy, relaxing, emotional. Basic Nature makes such beautiful, unbelievable stuff.