Message From Space | by Anonymous

I admit it — I’m out of shape and too lazy and broke to join a gym, so who the hell am I to judge? But I have a friend who’s trying to get fit and I sometimes drop him off or pick him up at a local workout place. It amazes me to see so many fitness freaks and jocks — often the same people — rudely scrambling for the parking spots closest to the gym doors, and sometimes even cutting off or running into elderly or injured gym-goers and vehicles trying to pull up to pick up family or friends. If you’re such a dedicated gym-goer who’s after the ultimate workout, why don’t you park your car down the street and walk or jog over to the entrance instead of trying to shove your car as close to the doors as possible? I’m sure the extra few steps won’t kill you and you could always think of it as getting another minute on nature’s treadmill to count toward your day’s workout.

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