with Lisa Moen

Lisa’s a former Saskatchewan Country Music Association “Rising Star” winner who is currently busy preparing two new releases in advance of a busy summer gig season. Here are six songs she considers favourites. /Gregory Beatty

“Good Mother”
Jann Arden
Living Under June (1994)

This was the first tune I learned on acoustic guitar and I feel a relation to having a good mother and strong father. I admire Jann for using music as her poetic lifeline, and really putting the truth out there and exposing herself so raw and real.

“Let It Rain”
Amanda Marshall
Amanda Marshall (1995)

Totally fell in love with this song and admired Amanda as such a bold, authentic, powerhouse Canadian female vocalist. This song has such heart.

“Constant Craving”
K.D. Lang
Ingénue (1992)

I saw k.d. lang live years ago and instantly became a huge fan. When she came out on stage barefoot, heart and soul pouring into the tune — you could’ve heard a pin drop. This was one of the first times I witnessed the true ability to capture a huge audience in the palm of your hand, with a few acoustic instruments and a melodic storyline.


“Make You A Believer”
Sass Jordan
Racine (1992)

I’m seeing a theme here. In the early ’90s as a teenager I was really in-tune with successful Canadian women entrepreneurs making their mark on the buzzing music scene. An energetic rocker/awesome stage performer, Sass’s “make you a believer” had me believing in the possibilities of music.

“Country Roads”
John Denver
Poems, Prayers and Promises (1971)

I became friends with an elderly couple years ago, Arnie and Alice. Arnie became ill so I used to go to their house to sing with him to lift his spirits. Alice would bake cookies and play with my son (who was a baby at the time). Arnie sang this song to me (the fast Denver version), and I remember the story it told and the instant vision in my head of roads “leading home”.

“Long Train Running”
Doobie Brothers
The Captain and Me (1973)

I could listen to this song on repeat for hours and dance in my kitchen with no shame. The harmonies, the percussion and the dominant bass all pull me in and lift my spirits.