With Jen Lane

After taking some time to enjoy the wonders of motherhood with her one year-old daughter, Jen Lane and husband John Antoniuk have a duets album due out in August. She also just released a new single, “Waitin’ For You”, off her latest album, This Life of Mine. Here are five of Jen’s favourite songs. /Gregory Beatty

The Cranberries | No Need to Argue (1994)

The Cranberries debut album Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? inspired me to write my own songs and sing like Dolores. Even the title made me think, “why not?” Sometimes you need a good, sad song to get you through your own strife, and this one off their second album still speaks to me, especially after her passing.

“Lonely Girls”
Lucinda Williams | Essence (2001)

When I first met my husband he gave me Essence. I’d been in a lonely place and we weren’t really seeing each other yet. I put it on and this song made me cry my eyes out — in a good way. The lyrics were sparse but absolutely gut wrenching. I love that about this song —  few words, many feelings.

“Wanderer’s Paean”
Kim Beggs | Wanderer’s Paean (2006)

I discovered Kim at a Folk Music Ontario Conference years ago at a tiny guerilla concert in a hotel room. I was floored by her songwriting and her voice, which sounds like it’s always on the cusp of crying. I’ve been fortunate to see her many times in our travels and she continues to amaze me.

“God Loves Everyone”
Ron Sexsmith
Cobblestone Runway (2002)

I suppose I live in a hippy bubble where people try to get along and respect each other and our differences, but I’m continually shocked by the discrimination and judgment that’s being put out into the world. This song speaks to me and for me, and is definitely one my daughter will know throughout her life. At the end of the day, we all deserve to be loved for who we are.

John Antoniuk
Always With You (2012)

This is one of my most favourite songs written by my husband, and a song my daughter will also know throughout her life. “What you are searching for, you already have” is the key phrase. It has become a mantra for me.