with Tara “T-Rhyme” Campbell

Tara is a featured artist at the upcoming Regina Folk Festival. In 2016, she released the five-track EP Diary of a Mad Red Woman. She also has a jewellery line called Beads, Rhymes & Life. Here are six songs she considers favourites. /Gregory Beatty

Salt N Pepa
Very Necessary (1993)

“Shoop” was the first rap song I learned every word to. I used to round up all my friends and organize lip synching shows for anyone who was willing to sit through [them]. I didn’t realize then how significant SNP would become to me — at the time, I was just excited to have brown/black women to look up to.

Live Through This (1994)

I went through an angst-grunge phase in my teen years and taught myself to play guitar. After learning to play songs by Hole I mustered up the courage to get on stage and perform for the first time.

“Modern Man’s Hustle”
God Loves Ugly (2002)

When I first fell in love hard with the man I’m proud to call mine now, this was the song I used to listen to over and over ’cos it reminded me of him. I used to make him mix CDs and would always slide Atmosphere songs into them. We’re both still die-hard fans ’cos their music was definitely a catalyst for our love connection.

“My Story”
Jean Grae
Jeanius (2008)

This song was incredibly meaningful to me because it was the first time I heard a woman openly describe the raw emotion she felt while going through an abortion. The topic is so taboo, especially in the male-dominated hip-hop scene, so to hear someone as gifted and respected as Jean share her experience made me realize I too was capable of telling stories that were very real.

“Fall In Love (Your Funeral)”
Erykah Badu
New Amerykah Part Two :Return of the Ankh (2010)

Erykah is a huge musical influence. It was actually very hard to pick just one song by her that has resonated with me.

Princess Nokia
1992 (2016)

Princess Nokia is unapologetic AF and the type of woman I feel I could become best friends with. I love her style and how real she is, and if you listen to the hook of this track you’ll understand what I mean.