Happy Holidays from the newspaper that says we’re all gonna die

Editorial | by Stephen Whitworth

Happy holidays from Planet S! I’m writing this at 7:00 on a mid-December evening while it’s plus-one degrees outside on the day the federal government pledged $1.6 billion dollars for Alberta’s planet-killing energy industry, so I’m especially full of holiday cheer right now!

Unlike other media outlets — which get to report that it’s “beautiful out” while pretending the north pole isn’t melting because we’ve broken Earth’s climate — we at Planet S head into the Christmas break ashen-faced and screaming. It’s pretty exciting, as you can imagine!

Boy, I wish we could report on carbon taxes like they’re a non-partisan, theoretical policy debate instead of a red-alert, life-and-death, last-ditch attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save the world. That would be SO much less stressful! But that’s not our role! We report on reality! Wheeeeee!!!

At least we can come together with our fellow Saskatchewanians to celebrate this season of love and fellowship — probably one of our last, since scientists say we’ve only got a decade to make massive cuts in fossil fuel use that no one wants to do. Maybe we can meet up at a Winter Solstice party to celebrate the darkest day of the year? Just give us a list of the topics we’re not allowed to discuss because they’ll bring everyone down, and we promise to be on our best, mostly silent, behaviour. You bring the eggnog, we’ll bring the rum!

Thanks for reading our paper this year even though we print terrifying things. You really are the best, and we love you. Here’s hoping you have a terrific holiday season!

See you in 2019! I hear it’s going to be the hottest year ever. Again!

Stephen Whitworth is the editor of Planet S and yes he IS fun at parties. VERY fun.