Brenda Starr was a popular comic strip that had started in the 1940s written and drawn by one of the few female comic artists working at the time Dale Messick. The comic followed the adventures of Brenda Starr a reporter who got into all sorts of adventures (Messick came up with it after her all female pirate comic got rejected). The series was so popular it lasted until 2011 in newspapers.

Columbia Pictures loved adapting comic characters into serials, Superman, Batman, The Phantom, Congo Bill, Terry and the Pirates and many more so it was not much of a surprise that they adapted Brenda Starr.

Joan Woodbury stars as Brenda Starr. While racing to a apartment fire to beat the cops, Starr arrives first and finds dying mobster Joe Heller (Wheeler Oakman) who claims someone stole his money and hands Starr a coded message.

The gangster who killed Heller arrives at his boss’ place only to discover that the case he took doesn’t have the money. Soon the mobsters are after Brenda Starr thinking that she knows where the money is.