This 1951 action adventure swashbuckler stars Jean Peters as Captain Anne Providence, a notorious pirate who sails the sevens seas. Intended to be loosely based on Anne Bonny the movie took several liberties and eventual became its on thing.

Anne and her crew have just seized a British ship and she meets Captain Pierre Fran├žois LaRochelle (Louis Jourdan) whom she spares and lets him join her crew. Anne starts to fall in love with Pierre and takes him to meet her mentor Blackbeard (Thomas Gomez).

Blackbeard dislikes Pierre and then recalls that Pierre is actually part of the French Navy. Pierre denies it but it reality he’s working for the British. Anne soon finds out that Pierre is also married to a Molly LaRochelle (Debra Paget). Pierre soon betrays Anne to the British but she manages to capture Pierre and his wife.

Directed by the brilliant Jacques Tourneur (Out of the Past, Cat People) the movie is a fun swashbuckler with Jean Peters excellent as Anne. Peters would star in several excellent film noirs and dramas before she retired from acting when she married Howard Hughes.