Gianna Maria Canale stars as Consuelo who is the daughter of the notorious pirate called Tiger. Tiger has decided to retire and decides to hold a contest to see who will take over his command. The contest comes down to William (Anthony Steel) and Consuelo. Consuelo wins but then her father is murdered in the night.

William is blamed for the crime and then the crew are attacked by the Grand Duke Inigo de Cordoba (Ernesto Calindri). Inigo’s wife would like Tiger’s hidden treasure. Consuelo and William escape and eventually learn to trust each other after William reveals that he was framed. High adventure ensues.

Gianna Maria Canale starred in many films in the 1950s and 60s mostly pirate and sword and sandal pictures. Tiger of the Seven Seas was the first time she starred as the swashbuckling hero and not the damsel in distress. The movie is goofy fun. Nothing outstanding but it’s pretty entertaining.