Today’s Sunday Matinee is the fun and terrible action movie Ninja III: The Domination.

The first two Ninja movies the first being Enter the Ninja, and the second being Revenge of the Ninja. The three movies are really stand alone movies and have nothing to do with each other. The only the really connection all three films is that all three star Sho Kosugi.

The movie starts with an crazy action scene where an evil ninja goes on a rampage killing a whole bunch people on the golf course. The police manage to kill the evil ninja but not before he manages to transfer/possess his soul into aerobic teacher Lucinda Dickey.

Dickey starts killing all the people that were responisble for the death of the evil ninja. Fortunately Sho KosugiĀ 
has arrived to fight and try to exorcise the evil ninja.

The movie is stupid but it’s so absurd it’s entertaining.