Another 31 Days of Horror has come and gone and while I was doing a best of / my favourite list – I missed so many more films that I wanted to mention.

In fact I didn’t really list anything from more recent years or some of the bigger classics. There is just too many awesome movies from last 100 years of cinema to squeeze into a mere 31 days. Anyway here is a few more movies that are awesome too!

Dracula! As strange as it may seem I somehow missed having a Dracula movie on this year’s 31 Days of Horror but I somehow managed to have two Frankenstein films. The original is fantastic from 1931 and Hammer’s 1958 version is pretty good too! Weirdly enough though I’ve never tackled Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula – while it has some flaws, cough Keanu Reeves, it’s pretty damn entertaining, visually stunning and the rest of the cast is pretty good.

I also missed Universal’s The Wolf Man which I’ve somehow never done either. Lon Chaney Jr. is victim of the werewolf’s curse and goes on a rampage in his home town.

There is so many more it’s almost impossible to list. Here’s a link to all my 31 Days of Horror from previews years.