I have previously covered 2001: A Space Odyssey for Sunday Matinee but with movie opening at the Kramer IMAX theatre for the month and having watched it there I had to revisit it.

The movie is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and what a way to celebrate the movie. I love this movie. It’s brilliant and amazing and it has to be seen on the big screen. Shot in Super Panavision 70 the movie was made to be seen on the big screen. And it looks phenomenal.

Christopher Nolan supervised a restoration of sorts of the film last year. He worked with Ned Price, the vice president of restoration at Warner Bros. They had a preservation copy of the original 70mm prints and decided to restore that copy so that audiences could experience 2001: A Space Odyssey the way it was seen in theatres in 1968. That meant correcting the faded colours but no digital manipulation or correction of the film. They left the print damage in.

Then they made a few film prints for theatrical release. For the IMAX they copied the 70mm print on 70mm IMAX film, IMAX film is different than regular movie film. For the IMAX they only made four prints and one of them is playing from December 1 to January 4 in Regina.

If you have never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey you need to see it on the big screen. If you have seen 2001: A Space Odyssey you need to see it on the big screen. It’s a brilliant movie and it looks amazing at the IMAX. You need to go see it on the big big screen.