World The Great Dying, The Little Ice Age, And Us How Columbus’ plagues sparked forest regrowth and global cooling | by Gwynne Dyer

Science Matters Winter And Warming Winter doesn’t disprove climate change or Trump’s “global waming” | by David Suzuki

Music Belle Plaine, By Any Name Melanie Berglund is finally doing what she wants and we’d best appreciate it | by Stephen Whitworth

Music My Music with Scott Wolbaum

Film Mads Mikkelsen Netflix, art-house and the multiplex: the great Dane is everywhere | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Review Exit the Dragon The high-flying but understated franchise stays true to itself to the end | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Review A Different Infinity War This Oscar-nominated tale of star-crossed lovers deserves attention | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Review A Little Misery Capernaum: like Oliver Twist but set in Lebanon | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

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