With Adam Hicks

Adam is the lead guitarist for the Saskatoon rock band One Bad Son. “I truly believe in the power of song,” he says. “Music, especially a specific song, can easily remind us of an important moment or experience. It’s amazing how far back a song can take you.” Here are six songs that mean something special to Adam. /Gregory Beatty

“Wish You Were Here”
Pink Floyd | Wish You Were Here (1975)

Besides “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, this was the first song I learned on the guitar. I was maybe 10 years old and so proud to show my Dad. From the acoustic lead line at the start to the wind sweeping you away at the end, this song is close to perfection. We all have someone we wish was still here.

“Fade to Black”
Metallica | Ride The Lightning (1984)

I really could’ve chosen six Metallica songs for this. They’re the band that got me into music and really helped me find myself. Some may take this song as having a negative message. To me, this was the first song I heard that talked about mental health and depression. It must have taken some courage for a metal band in 1984 to bring up these issues.

“Thank You”
Led Zeppelin | Led Zeppelin II (1969)

Love can conquer all! When someone makes your whole world smile, you must say Thank You. That is why my wife Jade and I chose this song for our wedding.

“Maggot Brain”
Funkadelic | Maggot Brain (1971)

If there’s a guitar solo I wish I’d written, this is it. A 10-minute, mind-bending journey.

“The King Wants You”
Avatar | Avatar Country (2018)

My wife and I had no idea about Avatar until we randomly walked into a live music venue one night in Toronto. The lights went down, “The King” began to play and Avatar blew our minds. The guitar riff on this song is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time.

One Bad Son | One Bad Son (2012)

Writing a song that means so much to so many people is a surreal feeling. I wrote this in the old band house on the corner of Queen St. and 4th Ave. Shane and I drove across the country pushing it to every rock radio station. This song really did change our lives, and I’m grateful to all the OBS fans.