Endgame is the lobster-fest of Avengers movies

Film/Music | by B.A. Johnston

Avengers: Endgame with B.A. Johnston
Black Cat Tavern
Saturday 27

EDITORS NOTE: Marvel Studios didn’t screen Avengers: Endgame in Vancouver so Planet S film critic Jorge Castillo can’t review it. In a weird and impotent act of spite desperation, we turned to  superstar Hamilton, Ontario troubadour B.A. Johnston, who claims to have somehow seen the film ahead of its April 25 release. Caveat emptor.

I got to say, I was excited but a bit anxious about the new Marvel Studios film Avengers Endgame. But after watching it this weekend, my worries were put to rest.

This is everything you want in an Avengers movie, and so much more.

My main concern after watching the trailers was that the addition of Thor Jr. (Martin Short) would be misplaced and distracting. But Mr. Short nails the role, recalling his star-making turn opposite Charles Grodin in 1994’s Clifford. Short provides much-needed slapstick and laughs, as well as some heart-wrenching moments during Thor’s funeral after the Thunder God is run over by a Pontiac Sunfire driven by Francis Buxton (spoiler alert).

Short is so good that you barely notice Chris Hemsworth’s absence — the SCTV alumnus puts the weight of the film on his shoulders and easily carries the load. I believe Short — who reportedly signed a 10-film deal with Marvel — will revive the Avengers franchise.

Then there’s the surprise return of the villain Buxton. Mark Holton’s take-no-prisoners performance kept the audience at my screening on the edge of its seats.

My only problem with Avengers: Endgame is the very obvious Red Lobster product placement. Even though I enjoy that establishment’s food, the scene with Aquaman left a bad taste in my mouth. But aside from that complaint, Avengers: Endgame has everything you want in an Avengers movie: crackerjack CGI, explosions and the chance to eat $20 popcorn in the dark while avoiding your life.

I heartily recommend Avengers: Endgame — it’s this Spring’s must-see movie. Five out of five stars.