Feature Moon Memories 50 years ago people walked on the moon. Happy Lunarversary, humanity | by Gregory Beatty

Environment The Kids Are All Right Tired of Planet S writers’ constant climate complaints? Fine. Listen to these grade nine students.

World The Brexit Cult The United Kingdom’s unhinged Conservatives make American politics look sane | by Gwynne Dyer

Science Matters We’ve Got Solutions Petroleum propaganda, conspiracy theories and fear of change stands in the way of climate action | by David Suzuki

Film Saving Sasquatch Laika’s most woke film made zero noise at the box-office Now it’s back for another chance | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Review Maiden Sexism at sea can suck it, say female sailors | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Film Review Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love In iconic couple goes under the microscope. Nothing new comes up | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Television Man Episode 7: Stranger Spin-Offs | by Aidan Morgan

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