Nov. 21 – Dec. 4, 2019

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The Wexit Scam 
Conservative politicians stoke Western alienation to deflect attention from their failures

The Fall So Far

Bolivian Blunder
Evo Morales did great things. It’s too bad he didn’t follow his own rules.

Science Matters
Climate Cooperation
Global warming is a crisis that can bring people together

My Music
Eileen Laverty

Television Man
Episode 14: Television Mandalorian


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Review: The Irishman
Pluck of the Irish
De Niro! Pacino! Pesci! Scorsese gets the gang back together

Review: Marriage Story
Divorce Baumbach Style
Distance makes the heart grow colder in this family break-up drama

Review: Knives Out
Murder Most Hammy

Rian Johnson takes a break from pissing off nerds with a no-stakes mystery

Bonus Column
An Apology by Mirror Universe Don Cherry

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