Social worker Ann Gentry (Anjanette Comer) has a new case. The Wadsworth family. Mrs. Wadsworth (Ruth Roman) has two grown daughters Germaine Wadsworth (Marianna Hill) and Alba Wadsworth (Suzanne Zenor) who live with her and her mentally disabled son Baby (David Mooney).

Baby is a grown man in his 20s but lives and is treated as an infant ever since his father left after he was born. The Wadsworth all live off of Baby’s disability cheques and none of them work. Ann seems to be obsessed with the case and constantly is checking in on the household and how Mrs. Wadsworth and her daughters treat Baby.

Mrs. Wadsworth doesn’t like or trust Anne. She complains to Anne’s bosses but Anne won’t leave the case alone. Anne is married but her husband was in a terrible car accident and now Anne is focusing on work. Anne believes that Baby isn’t actually disabled but has been forced to live as an infant by his family. Anne tries to get him to stand and to talk but is constantly stopped by the Wadsworth family.

Mrs. Wadsworth invites Anne over to a birthday party for Baby but has other plans for Anne. Anne in the meantime seems to have other plans herself. Directed by Ted Post, who directed a lot of TV shows throughout his career along with several movies like Hang ‘Em High and Magnum Force with Clint Eastwood, this odd film has become a cult classic. Not really horror movie it’s just…..strange. And then the twist ending. Whatever it is it’s entertaining.