After the success of Murder By Death writer Neil Simon and director Robert Moore would reteam for another comedy spoof this time focusing on the gritting film noir crime films starring Humphrey Bogart. Peter Falk would return playing a Sam Spade like character this time caught up trying to solve his partner’s murder while getting entangled in a Maltese Falcon like caper.

The massive ensemble cast would star Madeline Kahn as a femme fatale who keeps changing her name, Louise Fletcher, Ann-Margret, Eileen Brennan, Stockard Channing, Marsha Mason, Sid Caesar, John Houseman, Dom DeLuise, Abe Vigoda, James Coco, Phil Silvers, Fernando Lamas, Nicol Williamson, Scatman Crothers, Vic Tayback and Paul Williams.

Falk is excellent making fun of himself and Bogart and the rest of the cast seem to be having fun. The movie parodies The Maltese Falcon, To Have and Have Not and Casablanca and is pretty funny for the most part.